Type of file data will be exported to. There are 2 possible types: CSV and XML.
Check this to include users accounts marked as "Deleted" into the exported list.
Check this to include non-authorised users accounts into the exported list.
Check this to include users roles into the exported list. When checked, resulted list will contain two extra fields: "RoleIDs" (contains comma delimited RoleIDs) and Roles (contains comma delimited RoleNames).
Allows to export passwords. This option is available only when "enablePasswordRetrieval" in web.config is "true".
Export Passwords disabled for this portal, because enablePasswordRetrieval="false" in web.config file.
Possible to define what users profile properties to include into the exported list.

Export Users
File with users list to import.
Max allowed file size for upload is 28672 kB
The method how roles should be imported.

Check this to import users profile properties.
When checked and due import process any profile property is absent for current portal, then this profile property will be automatically added.
When checked it generates random password for all imported users.
When checked it sets "Force Password Change On" for all imported users, so users must change password on next login.
On success import an email will be sent to the user. Templates for subject and body can be defined in the localization "EmailUserSubject" and "EmailUserBody" entries. In the template can be used standard DNN tokens, like: [Portal:PortalName], [User:DisplayName], etc. For new generated passwords please use token [User:Password].
Examples of the files to import.
Example of CSV file
Example of XML file